A Texas Locost
Built using Ron Champions book   How to build your own sports car for 250 pounds
Or more like $5,000 to $10,000 US
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 Sept. 14. I made the trip down to the inspection place. It is about 45 miles from home so I made a 90 mile trip in an almost totally untested car. While it had been summer with record heat, today it turned 55 and rainy. Undaunted, I went anyway, only got a little wet, the real rain didn't start until the afternoon. The seven performed wonderfully, a few loose bolts, but no failures. I brought wrenches just in case.
The inspector patrolman walked around the car once, asked me to open the hood, looked at the engine, didn't find any relevant numbers. Looked at my receipt folder which is about 2 inches thick, asked to see the engine receipt, said OK. He then signed the paperwork and took $20 from me and sent me on my way. I guess it's road worthy in Colorado if you can drive it there and it has lights. He never asked to see the lights work, hear the horn, see if it might be too loud,( and I think it may be) , or anything. Maybe there's another inspection later? Anyway I took his paper work to Longmont DMV and I now have the stuff mailed off to the state for review. They asked if I had the vin numbers from the salvage yard cars I took parts from, I said no, so I guess they won't be checking that. I have a temp tag so I can drive it legally now for a while. 
I'll be doing the British car show this weekend, I guess, and will put up pictures. There should  be about 5 sevens there with the other Lotus. Hopefully the weather will be good.
OK, so here's what we've been waiting for, at least I have. It's September 18, 2011 and I have the seven basically finished. There will always be a couple projects I think. I need a grill, a luggage rack, and a little bit more upholstery work, just to name a few. but here it is for the time being.
I had to supply theses shots for the state. I have not painted the stripe on the hood yet. Later that day I got paper tags so I can drive it when I want. The next day I took it to a British car show. It got a lot of attention there and everywhere along the way. People at the show especially liked the wood dash and the color scheme.
The weather did indeed turn out great for the car show. I tried to take the Saturday drive into the mountains with everybody but I broke a front break line, lost the front brakes and had to limp home with only the rears. still stopped fine though. At the show I got tons of positive comments about the car and several guys who knew something about Locost builders commented that I now belong to the fairly exclusive club of guys who have actually finished one. Most thought that was pretty impressive in itself. Talked to lots of people and it was a blast. I've driven it on three trips now and I'm still sorting and it continues to get better. Lots of fun.
All shined up for the show.
With the bonnet open.
There were a couple older Lotus and three Caterhams and my Locost, along with most other models of Lotus. The red headlight belongs to a Westfield 11
The black one with all the guys looking at it is a brand new Caterham Lightweight. They bought it as a kit and had just finished assembling it the night before, it took four months.
The total weight is about 1200 lbs. It has  the all aluminum Ford duratech engine. Very expensive!!!
This was just funny. The left sticker reads, Quite a bit more than 12.99.
new road pictures
Stopped by to show the car to a friend. We both can't believe I finished it.
New, Driving impressions