Drive Photos for the Seven
I've had the Seven drivable now for a couple weeks so I thought it was time to go for a cool drive. One of the guys on the USA forum suggested a drive from my house in Longmont Co. over to Lyons then up Highway 7 to Estes Park around Estes and then back to Lyons on Highway 36. That's all curvy mountain roads with real nice scenery. It was really a cool drove, 85 degrees and sunny, good road , and the Seven performed flawlessly the whole time. really carved through the curves nicely. This it all about  20 miles from the house.
 I still can't believe all the attention the car get's too. People honk, give thumbs up, Roll down their windows and ask what it is, tell me how cool it is. If I stop people often gather around it asking questions. Way too cool.
Now this is what you build a Seven for.
My car's cooler than your car.