Locost Interior
Seat construction
Since I'm a furniture maker I couldn't resist building my own seats. (That and the cost of buying them.)
A friend and fellow wood worker owns this vacuum bag press. I built these forms and pressed four layers of 1/8" bender board in the press to make the seat backs and bottoms. I'll have then upholstered with leather, that I have on hand, later.
I'm doing this a bit out of order because my friend is moving to New York soon and I'll lose the use of the press.
Here are the parts trimmed and laying on the forms
The parts on a wooden test frame I built.
(The spots are dust floating in the air in my shop, sorry.)
This is the steel frames I welded after checking the wooden test frames for comfort.
A couple shots in the car. Should look similar to MG buckets when finished. That's what I'm after,  simple sports car bucket seats.
Here I am mixing the two part glue. It's about 10 degrees outside and I'm still not warm, that's why the coat indoors.
Here's a seat bottom in the bag being pressed.
A shot of the interior aluminum work.
This is maybe 6 months later and I have added blocking and a couple bent straps and t nuts to mount the wood pieced to the frame work. I'll paint the frame and take it to the upholstery shop next week.
A shot of the seats installed prior to upholstery work.
 I still have just a couple minor things to do to them.
The dash is a piece of African mahogany. I'll finish it to match the steering wheel.
I want to use the lathe to turn a ball shift knob and see if my buddy John Ehrlich can cnc a 7 into the top of it.I'll turn a brake handle and maybe a new knob for the turn signals as well.
I just don't like this shift knob as well as I thought I would when I bought it.
This shot taken on May 20, 2010
The gray piece will be covered with leather, just like the seats.
I did the finish work on the dash. and the seats are a the upholstery shop.
The seats came back from the upholstery shop. I'll still have boots and maybe side panels made when I can drive the car over there.